Virtual Mattes is a successful Digital Matte Painting Company with a friendly and personal service, at the cutting edge of the visual effects industry. Since 2004 our industry-leading skills for 2D/3D matte painting and traditional compositing are helping broadcast and film industries to visualize their ideas through pre-production to post production.


Virtual Mattes specialize in Digital Matte Painting / Digital environments / Set extensions and offers a full spectrum of visual effects services. As consultants and hands on senior artists, we work with directors and creative departments to develop and achieve their vision with solutions that remain within the production's budget. Any project, large and small, we work towards tight deadlines and budget constraints, with our solid commitment and friendly approach. 


Our involvement with your projects can range from as early as Consultancy, Pre-production, Shot / Concept Design to VFX Supervision, 2D/3D Digital Matte Paintings to managing full-scale productions.


Virtual Mattes is dedicated to produce "invisible"  visual effects for feature films and broadcast mediaand delivers a tailored made personal, cost effective post production services to all its clients.


VM About
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I    M    A    G    I    N    A    T    I    O   N        B    R    O    U    G    H    T        T   O        L    I    F    E
I   R   T   U   A   L     M   A  T   T   E  S
A T T E  P A I N T I N G,  V F X  S U P E R V I S I O N,  A R T  D I R E C T I O N,  C O N C E P T  A R T