Virtual Mattes specialises on Digital matte paintings and environments and offers a wide spectrum of additional services.

From the start of your project we are with you to manage all of your VFX needs and help your imagination come alive.

VM Services:
  • Concept Design
  • Shot Design / Pre-visualization
  • Digital Matte Painting Supervision & Art direction
  • Script Breakdown & Budgeting
  • Vfx Breakdown 
  • On and off set VFX Supervision
  • Digital Matte Painting ands Digiat Enviroment Creation
  • Start to finish VFX shot Compositing
  • Post-visualisation
  • Full Visual Effects and post production services

VM Studio


Virtual Mattes Ltd is an advance Digital Matte Painting Studio based in Soho-London, UK, established by digital matte painter/VFX supervisor Serdar Simga in 2004.


Production, Post production and Film Companies are our regular clients. While our focus is mainly on Digital Matte Painting and Digital Environments for the visual effects and Film / TV industries, VM also offer a wide range of additional services. We can take on large and small, full spectrum VFX projects that require every aspect of post-production. Our ability to scale and fit to your needs makes VM special.

Virtual Mattes with over 50 years of combined experience in the VFX industry is a solid insurance that our clients receive what they request. Having nationwide and international expertise, we bring a wealth of creative solutions to your projects. Our expert knowledge and friendly approach aims to form lasting relationships with our clients and provides them a project specific VFX service.


VM Services
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I    M    A    G    I    N    A    T    I    O   N        B    R    O    U    G    H    T        T   O        L    I    F    E
I   R   T   U   A   L     M   A  T   T   E  S
A T T E  P A I N T I N G,  V F X  S U P E R V I S I O N,  A R T  D I R E C T I O N,  C O N C E P T  A R T