Virtual Mattes does not only work on Digital matte paintings and environments but, also offer a wide spectrum of additional services. From the start of your project we are perfectly placed to manage your VFX needs and can help you visualize your end goals with the friendly touch. Our Soho-London based studio handles all range of your the visual effects process from

pre-production to post production.

Mobile:  +44(0)7946530516
VM Contacts
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I    M    A    G    I    N    A    T    I    O   N        B    R    O    U    G    H    T        T   O        L    I    F    E
I   R   T   U   A   L     M   A  T   T   E  S
A T T E  P A I N T I N G,  V F X  S U P E R V I S I O N,  A R T  D I R E C T I O N,  C O N C E P T  A R T