Virtual Mattes is regularly on the lookout for skilled and experienced concept artists, digital matte painters, 3D artists and compositors. Please, feel free to contact us via email with an attached link to your online portfolio / demo reel. Make sure navigation is kept at a minimum for online material and please bear in mind to keep your CVs short and sharp-to the point.

At the time of your contact, there might not be any available vacancies. However your details will be kept on file. Please note that, due to the large volume of applications, only chosen artists will be contacted. Please do not send us any printed material or DVDs otherwise specifically asked for.


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Skill set for Digital Matte Painters:
Skill set for Concept Artists: 
Skill set for Compositors: 



VM Vacancies
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I    M    A    G    I    N    A    T    I    O   N        B    R    O    U    G    H    T        T   O        L    I    F    E
I   R   T   U   A   L     M   A  T   T   E  S
A T T E  P A I N T I N G,  V F X  S U P E R V I S I O N,  A R T  D I R E C T I O N,  C O N C E P T  A R T