The Company behind the Digital Matte Paintings for Oscar winning King's Speech

Oscar winning docu-movie Man on Wire, VFX Supervision and Digital Matte Paintings for

Award winning C4 series Devil's Whore

Virtual Mattes is a successful Digital Matte Painting Company with a friendly and personal service, at the cutting edge of the visual effects industry. Since 2004 our industry-leading skills for 2D/3D matte painting and traditional compositing are helping broadcast and film industries to visualize their ideas through pre-production to post production.


We are dedicated in producing "invisible" visual effects, matte painting and digital environments for films and broadcast media, delivering a specialist and cost effective visual effects service to all our clients. 

From conceptual work and consultancy through to set supervision, Virtual Mattes are extremely experienced and offers cost effective and creative solutions to the visual effects industry.


We listen and coloboraet with our clients to build strong, long lasting relationships.

Recent Projects


Virtual Mattes successful collaboration between Shine Drama and Vine Post produced over ten digital matte paintings for BBC drama series
'Merlin' season 4.
Virtual Mattes teamed up with Worlwide FX and Studio Nu Image Inc. for latest ' Conan ' feature in a capacity of supervisory role for the digital environments as well as helping the team to produce large number of digital environment shots over five months period.
Virtual Mattes does not only work on Digital matte paintings and environments we also offer a wide spectrum of additional services.
We work closly with national and international Film production and Broadcast Companies to produce Digital enviroments and visual effects.
  • Concept Design
  • Shot Design / Pre-visualization
  • Digital Matte Painting Supervision & Art direction
  • Script Breakdown & Budgeting
  • Vfx Breakdowns
  • On and off set VFX Supervision
  • Digital Matte Painting ands Digiat Enviroment Creation
  • Start to finish VFX shot Compositing
  • Post-visualisation
  • Full Visual Effects and post production services
Virtual Mattes works on Digital matte paintings / Digital Environments and offers a wide spectrum of additional services. From the start of your project we are perfectly placed to manage all of your VFX needs. On projects both large and small, we are scalable and are used to working to tight deadlines and budget constraints.

Virtual Mattes Soho-London based studio handles all aspects of visual effects process, from pre-production to post production.



Mobile: +44(0)7946530516
Virtual Mattes collaborated with Molinare on the Oscar winner King's Speech over two months period to produce most of the key Matte Painting shots for the movie.

Virtual Mattes gave

invaluable help to rising brilliant director Paul Michael Young.

The winter scenes matte paintings enhanced and linked the shots together to create invisible

continuity on this very moving short;

'The Glowing Hours'

Please go to VM credits page to view all of our over forty four credits.
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